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Jim, thanks for your reply. As I stated before the only relay behind my battery is the Bosch 5 pin relay. it is bolted to the firewall and has wires that go a ternminal block, insted of being plugged in directly. When disconnected the compressor will not engage. The one parts guy at the dealer that I can trust looked at the relay, and told me that it functioned as the Klima relay. He directed me to the bosch deaker where I bought the relay for about $2. My central electronics setup is exactly the same as the pictures in my US Haynes manual, but the spot for the OVP is empty. The only relay with 4 ZYL printed on it is on my central electronics unit, it is the largest of the 3 relays on the unit. My car has a mechanical fuel pump. It is good to talk to someone who has the manual A/C setup. The horizontal slider control on my car has no effect on anything, I have repeatedly checked this. I wish I had a digital camera.
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