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Seatbelt Cutting Seatbelt arm..

How can I stop this from happening? I am almost on my 3rd seatbelt loop for the automatic seat belt arm on my car.

I was thinking I should wrap some thin aluminum over it or something, but am unsure. Is there an adjustment I can make somewhere to stop the belt from slicing it?

It slowly saws away at the plastic piece over time, and I have gone through one already and the second one is on its way out. Passenger side is still original and has not one cut in it.

Why does the passenger side not cut through its one, but the drivers side does?

Should I reposition the belt latch piece so it does not put extra strain, or should I just go with my original plan and replace it with a new one and then put some aluminum around that corner?

I want to make it last, its not like it is a huge expense to keep replacing it, but it is a hassle for me to have to do it when it should last for more than a few months....

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