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Question new tires from firestone

Went to firestone today and good, bad, or indifferent, came out with 4 new tires:

185/70/r14 turanza series with a 70,000 mile guarantee. Also purchased their ‘for as long as I own the car’ alignment agreement. So I will go back in 5,000 miles.

I have a Sears alignment for my 84 Isuzu and they still honor it.

I went to the store asking for 175/R14 (and of course , this is an old no longer used tire size)..

They recommended the 185/70/r14, will this be ok for my 81 240d with a manual transmission?

I have a hand held GPS system, and when my 240d said it went 2.5 miles, the GPS said 2.42, for a difference of .08 miles. Is this ok?

Firestone did say, I have 30 days to decide if I want a different tire, I could go back and get them with no problems. If I go back, what should I ask for?

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