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Originally Posted by BlackE55
Ah yeah, buying something you can get "free".

If the drinking water from my area is good, buying bottled water from someone else's spigot seems like a waste. I can understand if the water quality is of poor quality, but other than that??
I agree. My sister lives in south Florida, where the tap water tastes awful. She drinks bottled water, and I think that's just fine. Where I work, the well water won't kill you (according to lab analysis), but it tastes like burning. The company buys us lots of 5-gallon jugs of bottled stuff. I appreciate that.

OTOH, the tap water in many places is perfectly good to drink. I wonder about the people who drink bottled water in those places.

Cheers, turn of the fawcett and save big money. Also, the whole theory of 8 glasses a day is pure fiction. Where did the number 8 come from? You can get water from a variety of sources than a bottle of water. Coffee, diet soda, fruit, veggies... Just keep hydrated.
I don't know about the 8 glasses thing. Eight 8-oz glasses comes to a half-gallon of water. I've read in medical and survival sources that a person in a moderate climate who isn't doing heavy exercise needs about a quart of water a day to maintain health. Heavy exercise or hot climates increase this requirement. When I was in the Philippinnes, living without air conditioning and wearing my camoflage utilities sleeves down, adding body armor and a helmet when I left camp, and carrying an M-16, an M-9, and about 200 rounds of ammo everywhere I went, I was up to about 5 quarts of water daily, most of which became sweat. I worked with a guy who drank two gallons of water every day, and swore that it contributed to his good health and high level of physical fitness. He may have been overdoing the H2O, but it was a hot climate (Okinawa), and he did exercise a lot.
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