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w124 relay overheating

I have been trying to track down a rattle
in the dash area of my 1989 260E. Now, I'm
poking around the engine side of the dash
in front of the fire wall. Still have not fixed
the rattle, but discovered that a relay was very
warm. It is not being heated by anything around
it. It is getting warm by itself. I don't know
if this could have anything to do with the
rattle or not.

My question is:
"Does anybody know what the relay in the photo
does?" It's the one with the arrow pointing to
it. Is it supposed to be heating up?

And could this relay cause a rattle sound if
it was bad?

Here are some more images of the relay in question:

It does not make any noise when I shake it so
nothing is rattling around inside.

OBTW, the rattle sounds like a Geiger counter.
But, some days it does not make the noise at all.
It is not dependant on any of the usual things
(speed/heat/turning/braking, etc., etc.)

As I mentioned, this relay may not have anything
to do with the rattle but I don't think it is
supposed to get hot, is it?

Thanks guys,
- Jeff
- Jeff

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