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The main part on a "A" is the oil and filter change. As Larry stated it is supposed to be Mobil1 0W-40. Technically speaking, the wiper insert and ACC dust filter are done on the "B" service only now, they changed from A and B service last February. The wiper insert can get done under warranty on the first service is it is noted to be streaking or smearing. Tire pressures are checked, including the spare. We often do a tire rotation as well. Washer nozzles are adusted, I often find these out of adjustment. Brake condition is checked. Check the lights. Top off washer solvent. As the car gets older, there is more. At 60Kmiles it gets air and fuel filter, at 100K or 4 years it gets spark plugs (all 16 of 'em!), every 2 years it needs a brake flush, every 3 years a coolant flush.
You should be able to ask your dealer for a copy of the 210 chassis FSS maintenance sheet.
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