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How about R134a back to R12?

I had our 1988 300TE changed to R134a when doing an engine transplant that included an R134a A/C pump from a C-class.

Unfortunately, a big black Mercedes wagon needs all the cooling it can get, so I'd like to change it back to R12.

I even did a visual check of the condenser of an early model (1986) 300TE (R12) vs. the late model (1994) E320 wagon (R134a) and the condenser of the late model wagon is beefier/denser/bigger.

Would I be better off changing out to the bigger condenser designed for R34a, or switching back to R12 (maybe even with the bigger condenser)?

What is involved in going from R134a back to R12?

Do I change out receiver/dryer, pull a vaccuum, change oils, etc.?

Thanks in advance,
:-) neil
1988 360TE AMG
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