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Front Strut Mounts 92 300SL

I've posted this in a couple of other forums, so I apologize if some of you have seen this too many times today. I looked in Alldata again and then I looked at my front suspension. Alldata shows a 560SL front end when you open the "front shock" link under the suspension section. You have to look pretty hard to find the SL front end information. I wrote to Alldata and they have not replied as yet. My car has struts, as to all 129's, and it does not have the active suspension. It appears in order to remove the strut, you must compress and unload the main coil, then unbolt and remove the strut. Once the strut is out, you can remove the top strut mount for replacement. I assume the strut spring can be left alone since I am not changing the strut, just removing it to get to the mount? You guys are real helpful and I would appreciate any feedback I can get. Everything I do on this car is for the first time, but is sure feels good to accomplish something when I'm done.

Thanks, Steve
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