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Fuel pressure may not be high enough or you could have a leaky injector? Fuel dizzy could be leaking, injector, injector seal pump, who knows. Fuel relay maybe? Dirty air flow meter? I'd clean up the AFM well and run a can or two of SeaFoam through the top end to burn off a lot of that carbon in there and then see what happens.

New fan clutches are cheap, get one to be smart. It's probably been replaced once back in the mid 90s and it's due again (I figure stuff like that is good for 10yr/100K or so). Then you can see if the radiator is bad. Again, it's 20 years old there... so you may want to pick up one for piece of mind. I did for the SD and the 420, SDL has the newer style alread. I'd flush that coolant out as it's probably the green crap and get the proper yellow stuff in there.

Valve cover gasket is cheap too and will take maybe an hour to swap if you have a few beers during the process.

The valve seals seem to leak on the early M103s, this is more pronounced at higher RPM such as freeway driving. I think they're 4-6 hours to R&R. Since you're at 200K you may want to consider having the head rebuilt if you have the time, money, and resources. Then you could get new guides for the chain in, tensioner, etc.
I'm not a doctor, but I'll have a look.

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