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Steering noise

I feel much more knowledgeable since I joined the forum. However, this noise problem I have it is overwhelming.
I will give you all background - maybe is something there I don't get.
In Dec 99 went to the dealer (car in warranty - 24k) because steering noise. Dealer did road test and said that R&L lower dash + repositioned boot.
In Sep 00 again steering noise (37k). Dealer found steering stops dry and dirty - clean + lube area.
May 2001 - again noise (49k). Dealer found bad power steering assembly. Replaced pump.
Aug 2001 - again noise (54k). Dealer said this time is the rack + pinion (they think - they are not 100% sure).

Did any of you experienced such array of issues with the steering on E-Class (mine is 1999MY)?
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