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Dorsey Lay
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Hi, I have a 190E 2.3 8V with 98,000 miles. My trans was shifting hard between gears and giving a jolt when it did shift. The gears only shift when you take your foot off the gas. I took it in to a shop and had them test drive it and was told that it was a minor problem. They only needed to possibly make adjustments to the throttle, the linkage,the modulator or possibly a vacuum adjustment. While I had it there I had a new filter and gasket put on and the oil changed. I still have the same problem. I was told after the service that they adjusted all they could and there was nothing they could do. I took my car right out of there!! I gave the guy enough money to cover the filter gasket oil change and what I thought his diagnosis was worth, (total $60 bucks!) He didn't give me an argument either cause I was pissed!! Anyone know what this problem is? Tomorrow I am going to another Benz shop. Any help appreciated as I need to know tonight so I can be armed with the correct info. Thank you.
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