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190 overheat,help

When I was stuck in traffic in the airport I noticed the temperature is reaching the red mark so i just park the vehicle before reaching the redline even I rev the engine the fan will spin faster the temp still go high .I notice that my auxilary fan is not working even if I turned on the A/C and the temp. reach 100+ deg. I will change the thermostat tomorrow to eliminate it.Can somebody tell me where is the exact location of the auxilary fan relay? and how many pins are there.Take note I just bought this car a couple of months and I have no service history,I think I have a different aux. relay on the slot (if I'm right of the location of the relay)I check the aux fan by connecting the switch in the a/c drier and they are working fine so I think the culprit is the relay.The coolant is in perfect level.Help me out guys

93' 190 2.6 (m103)
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