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Missing adjuster bolts for A/C and P/S pump, what size?

I was laying under Buttercup this evening, contemplating the cosmose and my belly button, and really checking to see how hard it would be to get the A/C compressor off, when I realized that the two lower bolts are missing. From reading other threads I see where there are three bolts with spacers that hold the compressor to it's bracket, the two bolts that go through the slotted bracket and the spacers are missing in action. I can feel the upper bolt, but havent seen it. FWIW the PO told me the A/C compressor went and her indie shop wanted $1000 to fix it. Someone removed the belt and unplugged the compressor. So, what size are the two lower bolts, or can I just make a trip to the hardware store for something close. I'll also have to cut some new spacers out of pipe or something. Anyone know how long the spacers are?

Then, I noticed that there looks to be a bolt missing on the P/S pump, same thing. The pivot bolt, and slider bolt against the engine are there, but there looks to be a long bot/nut in a slider bracket on the outboard side of the P/S pump. Is there suppossed to be something there?

1983 240D

Thanks, Chuck.
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