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Alright guys,

I've done it. I went and got my windows tinted. I went to a place in San Diego called Tint Devil. They quoted me $209, and I only paid $209. The quality is superb. The tint in the front is only 45% I think, and the rear is 35%. I've done some research on California laws and they forbid ANY tinting on the front two drivers' side. I tried my luck. With a lighter tint, you're less likely to get pulled over.

So to close up this topic ( I think), it's a great reward to tint your windows. Your car is a lot cooler, and it protects you from those harmful UV rays. But please make sure you find out what regulations your home state has. I fibbed a bit.

Anyhow, thanks a lot for all of your help! My Benz now looks a lot sleeker and " cooler".
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