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I definately like the sound of something acting normal, but please re-confirm that not being able to go above 5-10MPH in 75F weather because the trans is hanging in low gear is normal ???? I'm confused cause I gratefully see a couple of different replies here from worthy looking sources..

Here's what I do; I start car in the garage, it's 70F+ in garage and outside, car runs for 30-60seconds before I idle out and back down inclined driveway. By the time I reach the street it's @2minutes, engine temp gauge is above 40C. I just put Mobil-1 0/40 in it, shouldn't engine warm even faster?? Now, within last few days, the car seems to hang in low gear for about 1/2 mile or so. Afterwhich, it shifts and works great until the next morning.
Is this okay or am I heading for trouble ?
'92 300E & '80 240D
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