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Smile Problem Solved!!!!

Well, let me update you all! If you remember, I was having an acceleration problem - I could not go beyond 3200rpms (Drive, Neutral, or Park). Here is what was done.

7. Checked Catalytic Conv. - back pressure test and with it totally removed. (did not solve - conv. ok)

6. Checked Plugs - some carbon build-up, replaced (did not solve)

5. Checked and cleaned Distributor (did not solve)

4. Cleaned and checked injectors (did not solve)

3. Cleaned and checked Fuel Distributor (did not solve)

2. checked all vacuum connections (all in tack)

1. Replace Fuel Pump Relay - BINGO!!!

Evidently, the relay switch had some sort of govenor (sp) that went bad - the tech was not sure why there was a govenor (sp) on the switch - but it was there. Anyway, thanks for all your help and I hope this saves others some time and $$$$.
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