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...really like the idea of providing the sticker gratis and retroactive to Partsshop clients (its a tax deductible business expense for Mercedesshop/ Partshop for "advertising", "promotions" etc> and is quite inexpensive advertising at that!)...

the sticker can also be made available to members for the nominal fee...

the t, may also be a gratis- bonus with a cumulative order (retroactive also) of $250 from Partshop (similarly expensed on business tax returns under the same category)

from a business perspective, we would want the largest exposure for the smallest $ expended, and also desire to leverage current customers word of mouth/ backs (for t)/ heads (for cap), cars (for sticker/plate frames), etc....

I'd use these in this order: t-shirt, baseball cap and/or sticker, plate frame (hopefully the design will be conservatively tasteful)

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