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123 300D Clutch acting strangely

With the chill in the air up hear in Cleveland, I guess it is time once again to witness strange "going-ons" with my MB. I have done a search but have not found an answer.

My symptom is that on cold mornings my clutch pedal wants to stay on the floor and grab *immediately* when I lift my foot a fraction of an inch. It won't wait till I get to the normal engaging position which is about 3/8 of the way from the floor. I replaced clutch, plate, and throw out bearing 6 months ago. The pedal always returns when I take my foot off the clutch. After warmup and during the rest of the day, the clutch behaves fine.

I re-bled the clutch from the slave cylinder up so I don't have any bubbles. The brake reservoir has not lost any fluid and remains full every time I check it. I don't see any brake fluid leaks on the underside of tranny or near the clutch pedal. Clutch master and slave and brake master are all still original and never replaced. They look OK on the outside.

It sounds like either the master or the slave is not travelling all the way when the clutch pedal is pressed and it is cold outside.

Any suggestions as to if the problem lies in the clutch master or slave?

On a separate note....has anyone ever heard of a MB oil pan rusting through and leaking? I appear to have this problem and looks like I will need a new pan. Pan seal is tight and so is main crankshaft seal.

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