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Question HELP!!! 560sl rough engine

I am requesting help for my 560sl.

It is a 1987 560sl with 148,000 miles. The only things I have replaced are the fuel distributer and fuel filter. I have checked all of the vacuum hoses and the ignition. All is fine.

The engine runs smooth at first start when ice cold then it goes into a very low rpm fit. It looses all power but continues to run at a very low rpm almost like it is missing or untuned. When I turn the fuel/air mixture screw towards the 'rich' (clockwise) the engine smoothens out and runs OK. I know this is not a good way of fixing this problem.

The car has been operating fine after the fuel distributer install (approx 1,000 miles). This first started when I had thought the car was out of gas. I refilled the tank and it was fine. Then I started it again the next morning and again the power loss was there.

Does this condition sound like a bad fuel pump or is the fuel distributer faulty?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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