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Get a 27mm socket to use to turn the engine over until the torque converter drain plug is at the opening at the bell housing. Also, you will need new gaskets for the plugs, new gasket for the tranny pan and a new tranny filter. Drain the pan plug and then torque converter, remove the tranny pan and replace the filter. Pay close attention to make sure you torque the filter to the proper spec. Torque the drain plan to the proper torque in the "star" pattern and then torque the drain plugs with the new gaskets. Now the hard part (to me at least) put four quarts of Mercon/DextronIII in and crank the car. Add another quart of tranny fluid and then continue adding until you are at the proper level - should be somewhere around 6 to 6.5 quarts. Once you get to around 6 quarts you will need to drive it and get it to operating temp then check and add as necessary.
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