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My repair on the 95 E420 cost around $2100.

You'll need a new evaporator (ACM makes a nice one for lots less than the crappy OEM), new Receiver/ Dryer, and you'll definitely want them to replace the 6 vacuum modules that control the HVAC System while they're in there. Those little suckers fail, and it makes great sense to replace them for 1/2 hour of extra labor now than 10 hours of labor later.

You're looking at around $2-3K, depending on where you get the car fixed. My car had the same symptoms. Could only hold a charge about 2 days. This happened about a month after I bought it.

Sorry to hear this - could be a hot summer for you.

Troy K.
1995 E420 108k (in process of being totaled by insurance company)
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