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123 Driveshaft Balancing

I have question regarding driveline vibrations I have been experiencing on my 1984 300D. They seem to be there most prevalent at 60-70mph range. I have to admit I made a big mistake. When I was changing the clutch by myself 6 months ago, my three piece drive shaft came apart. You can guess already that I didn't mark it. Being that it has 273k miles, I would like to get it R&R&rebalanced. The problem is I can't find a shop to rebalance Mercedes driveshafts. The two rubber flex discs look great but the rubber "vibration silencer" behind the flex disc on the tranny mount is shot. I would also like to replace the pilot bearing in the middle.

1) Does anyone know of a shop capable of doing this in Ohio?

2) Can anyone recommend a shop I can mail my driveshaft to for this work?

3) Is it cheaper to just buy a new one and return the old core?

4) The only thing I can find on a net search is Driveline Service of Portland in Portland, Oregon. Any experience with these folks?

Of course after I get the driveshaft rebalanced I am going to replace the steering dampener, all 4 shocks, the left half axle shaft (did the right 3 weeks ago). That should make it drive like new (and put me in the poor house at the same time).

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