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Here is my story..

hopefully this will be helpful


I had a 88 300E .when the hotter weather came the car started to stall for no reason.changed the voltage regulator , a few other things.Make the long story short..someone at mercedes told me to take out the computer(behind the battery , under the hood) The car will start up in a kind of safe mode(higher fuel consumption, slower acceleration but IT WILL GET YOU HOME!!! BTW show me another car which will do that!!!) Now if you drive the car around for a day or 2 and the stalling doesnt reoccure, the problem is 99% with the computer.You can get a new one or used one but what i did is......... (i remembered that german printed circuits gave my problems already before ,poped up printed circuits,loose soldering joint,)...took the comp out,seperated the 2 inside panels and reheated all joints ...appr 200.....and drove the car for another 150000 no problem.But thats just how i solved it.
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