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Yes I have my DOD sticker, and it's down in the same corner. I would have relocate some things. I put my DOD sticker there because the wipers won't hit it there. versus the top of the windshield. I'll admit, that corner is a bit cluttered. I have my DOD sticker, N.J. insp. sticker and my MBCA decal in that corner. Fortunately the MBCA "sicker" is a static sticker, I can just pull it off and move it. Hopefully the propsed decal for Mercedesshop will be of the same type. I would put the decal in the back window, but the previous owner had the windows tinted, so the decal wouldn't be seen very well. I agree with the prices as well. Just think of what it would of cost you to get the advice that you get here, from your local dealer. One of the local dealers, Cherry Hill Mercedes, charges $70 a hour.
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