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Well, Jeff, after planning to drop off the car last night, I had second thoughts - decided to try the adjustment myself. I jacked the car up high on the right to get clearance for breaking loose the A-arm bushing bolts with wrenches. I left the wheel on.

I discovered that apparently only the rear one had shifted, so I only adjusted this one, putting it back to about the spot where it had originally been. Due to front bushing 'set' over time, the rear one wanted not to return and stay in that spot without tightening it down. This is a problem, since it should be done at normal ride height, when I can't get the wrenches in position. I simulated this by jacking up under the arm to compress the spring, while backed by jackstands. Then the A-arm snicked into the proper position, and I could lock it into position.

A quick check of front camber now indicated both front wheels about equal and slightly positive. This seems odd, but I will measure more carefully later. Toe seems about the same, which puzzles me more. So I was done, for now.

I drove the car to work this morning. It still self steers a tad, but seems driven entirely by road camber. Much less 'pull'. Cruising up to ~70 mph on the freeway, I noticed a slight oscillation in the steering wheel at some speed - about 60, I think. Else, very smooth, relaxed drive. This will take more investigation, but I suspect tire wear or imbalance could be the cause. Now a new steering damper might help, and maybe a look at gearbox lash.

Overall, though, from this brief drive I feel there is an improvement, and I don't think there was any permanent damage from whatever incident caused the problem, other than treadwear issues.

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