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86 300E won't run over idle speed for 30 seconds or so.

My car has lately decided not to run over idle speed until it warms up for a little bit from a cold start. It will start right up, but when you give it some gas, it either does nothing, or will slow down and die, otherwise it will just idle although a little rough. On older cars with the choke unhooked, you used to be able to pump the pedal for some enrichening of the mixture. When I pump the pedal in my 300E, like I said, it acts like it is not hooked up, then after it warms up for 30 secs or so, it will gradually start revving up to 1200 or so and cutting out, the process is repeated gradually with the rpm going up until all the sudden the car runs pretty good, like after about 60 to 90 seconds. i have no hot starting problems, and the car has only once or twice sputtered when hot since I have had it for about 11 months now. I have put on a new fuel pump relay and distributor and rotor, and changed the fuel filter.

If I missed looking things up in the search please forgive me and direct me in the right direction. Thanks.
Ron Miller

1986 300E
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