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Just got back from my HONEST mechanic who usually takes care of my Honda accord, and does also work on my 300E. I had the oxygen sensor changed at 167,000 km by a SHADY Mercedes mechanic who claims to replace all parts by original Mercedes parts and today at 244,000 km have replaced the oxygen sensor again, and to my surprise the oxygen sensor taken out by my Honda mechanic is a FORD oxygen sensor which I paid 165.00 for. I would not have minded if this was told to me, and that he assured me that the part had the same qualities, and of course save me a few dollars. Now I know where a few rotten and stinky apples can ruin the reputation of other honest hard working mechanics. Just wanted to get this off my chest, because I feel cheated. If anyone wants to know the name of the shop I dealt with (IN LAVAL,CANADA). send me your E-MAIL and I will forward it to you. I might have been fished in, but I hope no one else gets hooked by this guy......WOW that felt good.
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