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I, too, used a .50 silk thread when putting my case halves back together on my cessna. It works on the continental very well but the main reason for the thread on aircraft is because of flexing and movement of the case halves. You should not experience this problem with the timing cover. On my 380 I used the M/B black silicon as prescribed and it worked perfectly. Care should be taken in laying a small 'string bead' to the cover and then placing, with minimum lateral movement, straight onto the block. Do not smear the sealant flat on the plate as this may leave you with unprotected portions. Using a string of sealant allows the plate to press out across the surfaces as it is tightened. Slowly tighten each bolt in turn as cover is cinched up, allowing the sealant to work its way flat. I used a very small amount as to not smear the junk into cover openings. No leaks! As mentioned above, if overhang of head gasket has been violated at junction of timing cover, you may have the leak, also be careful to put sealant at bottom junction completely. After bolts of cover are cinched up, (not too tight), proceed to torque the through head bolts first, then tighten the horizontal cover bolts. FWIW.
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