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It sounds like you have a problem with the controller.

The signal that you see on pin# 3 should look like the ones in my article. They should be a square wave with varying duty cycle. Be carefull as volt meters can read differently. Peak voltage will always be battery voltage, but average voltage is just that; an average over time of the peak voltage plus the zero voltage. That is why a 50% duty cycle looks like 6-7volts. This is because half the time it is at 13v and half the time at zero. (Look at the first scope pattern of my article at 30% duty-cycle).

If you are getting 13v all the time then something is wrong (I don't think there is a fault code for 100% duty cycle - but there might be). To be sure, check the duty cycle with key on engine off. If its a federal car it should have a 70% duty cycle if Ca car 85% duty cycle (unless I'm wrong).

To verify and/or to set up the engine use the current through the EHA method also described in the article. The current is the actual thing that matters. The integrator is only the copntrollers prepared interpretation of what is happening.
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