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Help! Power windows & sunroof donít operate

I was installing driving lights and I decided to wire them up to the switched power lead in the center console of my C280. It is the small white connector with 3 wires leading from it, I guess it's used for the factory phone. Seemed handy as I donít have a cell phone and the power and ground wires are not being used. After hooking everything up the lights worked, then after making a few final connections Ė nothing.

Now my 4 windows and sunroof donít work and I have no power from the lead in the center console. I checked all the fuses, in my C280 the ones I want are in the trunk, #ís 7, 10 & 13. They all looked unblown (I even replaced them Ė no change). In fact, I checked EVERY fuse, even the ones in the engine bay and they all were good

Is there something Iím missing? Perhaps there is a main fuse that controls these items. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!!

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