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116 Ignition Tips

UPDATE: ignition switch tumbler changed succesfully; release tab was hard to locate. Now the problem is that key do not spring back automatically from No. 2 with new tumbler; steering lock does not work; and warning buzzer is on even with key removed when door is open. My diagnosisw is that the steering lock T where the ignition tumbler goes is bad. Next job willo be to replace it.
Tips for others with the same problem. Removing Steering Wheel makes job easier: use deep socket 20mm (7/8's) or 22mm in some 116's to remove steering wheel retaining nut; pry plastic cap center emblem off with a small screwdriver to see retaining nut; after nut removal place hands in 9 and 3 position and lightly tap both ends of the steering wheel pulling up and it pops out. Tip in replacing wiring harness to instrument cluster: be carfeful to make sure that 8 pin conector at left of the instrumnent cluster is replaced with the correct alignment of the connectors: there is a plastic locating tab but if missing (mine was) you can reconect the pin connector incorrectly; you'll know if warning lights do not come on and temp, fuel gas gauges do not work; there is a hole for a dummy pin to help you align it correctly; do not run car with the pin connector incorrectly placed or you'll burn the instrument panel; if you see smkoe it may be too late? otherwise you could just blow the fuse.
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