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Steve Chambers
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All 3 problems fixed

A/C low speed fans was corrosion in the pressure switch connector dropping the trigger volts too low for the relay to operate.

Rough tickover was dirty throttle butterfly (I obviously wasn't aggressive enough with the carb spray the first time I cleaned it - there was still some crud right up at the pivot points holding it slightly open).

Flat spot was the dreaded OVP. Must have not liked the resonance at 3.5k revs?

Anyway, OVP now the current part number and we have a clean running straight 6 that stays cool in traffic. Since the fans are responding to the A/C pressure they have not been on at high speed at all today.

Took till 3am today - my wife thinks I'm mad to bother with the old car but to me making it work properly again is the best antidote to workday stress I have found.


1995 E320 Coupe (125.052 104.992 722.369)
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