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Ron D. Harriman
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Trans pan gasket install

Told my friend his 380SL probably needed a trans service,
and he ordered up a filter kit from PartsShop. Whooo, was
that ever a good idea.

Clean ATF, but plenty of metallic muck in the pan, and a
completely filthy filter.

I'm about to reinstall the trans pan now. But usually when
doing something like that, the instructions say to coat the
gasket lightly with fresh fluid before installing.

The MBZ service CD doesn't make that recommendation. Am I
going to do terrible things to this gasket by coating it with
fresh clean ATF on both sides?

Oh, yeah, I do know not to overtorque the pan bolts.

Hmmmm, there's actually a second question. Pulling the
pan involves taking off a double set of heavy steel plates
that partially cover it. These appear to me to be guards
to protect the rear part of the trans from road debris.
Is that a correct assumption?

Ron H
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