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Yes, my engine is a 104. And I did use a five mm allen to get the cover off. And the allen bolts did go through the holes provided on the blocks and into the engine block. Well, now I really feel insecure. If what you guys are saying is true then I really didn't need to drill out these "screws"? Yet I feel in my heart that these blocks were firmly held to the engine with these little screws and I now have the remnants of them sitting on my work bench. And there are threaded holes in the engine block to recieve the screws. Like I mentioned, I replaced them with generic screws and they screwed into the engine block nice as can be. I'm truly not sure what to think at this point. Is it possible that there is a different configuration within the 104 engine? I believe I read somewhere in all the booklets that the manufacturing date on mine was November, 1994 if that could make a difference. Bob H
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