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Hmm.... change oil and filter-oddly enough-I changed the oil-found a ripped axle boot while I was doing it-took it RIGHT to the dealer-where it sat for a week-they fixed it-and then I left DIRECTLY for my trip-all highway till we got to the Outer Banks of North Carolina-which is where my Brother-in law noticed the low pressure....I just LOVE the idea of changing the oil and filter (doing it tomorrow-with my fingers and toes crossed!)
p.s. I will NEVER sell this car-it has driven me thru some horrid snow-including the blizzard of January 1996-got me home that night.....and one awful 16 inches in 12 hour storm this winter(course, he got stuck in the driveway that night-but that was my fault...Not much can go in snow over it's bumper....)
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