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Larry and Steve, again thanks for your input. I should have mentioned that I was working on the car according to the guidelines mentioned in the factory CD ROM. I was aware that there is a special step that needs to be followed for the CA cars and that is to press the button on the X92 connector before proceeding with lambda adjustment. I actually did all these things but still was getting no read from my duty cycle meter. Anyway, I came to the conclusion that there must be something wrong with my duty cycle meter as well as with my trusted dwell meter (which by the way works just fine with measuring dwell angles in point ignitions). The problem is probably related to the way the two instruments integrate the square waveforms. Lesson learned: Not all dwell meters will work with lambda adjustment.

So, I went ahead to adjust the screw based on EHA current method as described in Steve's DIY article. I fired up the engine (which by the way was completely cold) and got a cranking current somewhere around 40 mA. I let it warm up while observing the EHA current. After a few seconds, it started droping quite rapidly and within a minute it had approached 10 mA. It continued dropping and within the next 10 minutes or so when the engine had heated up it had gone down to approximately -9 mA. I corrected this rich condition by turning the screw counterclockwise and observed the current going up. It actually went up a bit too much, (this screw is very sensitive to even the slightest turn adjustment). I played with it for a couple of minutes and eventually brought the current at ZERO mA. As Steve mentioned it fluctuates a little bit, it is NOT steady at ZERO mA, in my case it was fluctuating between -1.8mA and 1.6mA, but on the average it was settled around ZERO mA. So, I left it there. Worked like a charm!!

One more thing. I also noticed that setting the mixture a little rich at around -3 mA makes the car start easier when the engine is warm, and corrected the need for cranking it twice in a row in order to start it (only when warm, cold was always starting on the first try). So, it seems as though some slight hot starting difficulties may be corrected by setting this lambda adjustment screw slightly on the rich side. This maybe of help to some people who are trying to sort out a slight hot start problem.
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