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All - thanks for the help.

Sorry for the delay in getting back, I have been away at a concert! I even used the car to get there - a bit of a risk.. buuut - whilst there, I solved the problem.

A dodgy earth wire in the trunk from the CD changer to the earth point had fried - looks like I used the wrong guage wire... and hence was discharging the battery by a "slow cooking" method... lucky it didn't cause a fire...

It has got me thinking about other potential (pre-me!) DIY bodges that I may need to check out upon your advice... power antennas, fuses (locating power problems with a meter.. I have one.. yes).. I think I will do the "full monty" and ensure we all safe in there.

Thanks again 92400E, tkamiya, dlswnfrd (brother of the Benz??) - cheers & if you have any other W124 wagon general advice - let's hear it!


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