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300 sd A/C flaps !!

Hi Fellas,

I have an 83 300 SD- I have been having trouble cooling the car
Some days I would get 38 F from center vent and some days
Only 50 F . Also, Every time I am stuck in traffic the temps
would rise to about 55 F . I read a post on this wonderful site
about A/C flaps not opening and causing problems. I also, checked the in-car Temp sensor with a piece of tissue paper, Would not hold the paper - no suction power. I found the Temp controller under the glove box, I jiggled it and the flaps opened up, The A/C temp dropped to 38 F at Idle !!!! Man I wanted to scream !!! When I turned the car off and restarted it, the flap remained closed -- warm air at center vent... I then shut the A/C off at the controllers and the turned the A/C on again, flap opened and ice cold air came rushing out. (2 questions,) 1. How can I fix the flap permanently ? and 2. Where can I locate the little fan that draws wisps of air across the Temp controller located under the glovebox---- I can't find the little fan..

Thank You !!!!


78 300 SD
83 300 SD Post is regarding this vehicle
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