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Dennis Taylor
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Thanks Benzmac,

Before I started work on the vehicle it was rough at idle (purchased this way) PO had raised idle to 1100 Rpm whereby it smooth out. The timing chain was stretched so I purchased the parts thru partsshop and fastlane including the two lower rails, had to remove timing cover to install.

The car had not thrown the chain, the inboard left bank rail had broken below the lower support pin.

I have not accomplished a better running condition from the chain replacement but it had to be done. Pulling on spark plug lead at a time does not highlight any particular cylinder is not firing. It does smell rich and has a heavy miss in the exhaust, almost a "popping" sound.

This car has not had the maintenance it deserved from my untrained eye, perhaps 7500 mile oil changes.

I did replace the fuel filter a "flow" the fuel lines to check cleanliness and it appears normal.

Throwing money at the problem would be a mistake, (although the smog pump is removed and sent out for rebuild as we speak).
Would removing the fuel distributor system and having it rebuilt (by who?)be advisable at this time? I did install a new fuel governor on the CIS body two months ago as it was leaking fuel.
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