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Thanks to all for the great input. This forum is invaluable.

Some time ago, when I suspected a caliper problem, I bought the rebuild kits. I think that I will *very carefully* work towards rebuilding them myself. If I have any corrosion I will stop and purchase new hardware immediately.

I suspect that the PO did not change the brake fluid in a timely manner and excess water in the fluid caused either corrosion in the caliper, on the piston, or harmed the seals. We will see. I might have a ruined caliper.

I am also going to call around and see if I can get a handle on a good factory rebuilt caliper as a backup strategy in case the rebuild does not work.

Two questions:

1) Other than Caliber Motors, anyone have any idea where I could get a facotory rebuilt caliper for this car?

2) Where can I get the instructions on how to rebuild these calipers?

Thanks again,

93 400e 102k
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