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Arrow 190E 2.6 Coolant Leak

My 1989 190E 2.6L Gas/Auto has a coolant leak from the engine.

My vehicle experience tells me that when most water pumps leak, they leak at the shaft seal. The seal is dry on this car, i can see it and feel it's dry.

I count 1 coolant drip off the oil pan every 18-22 seconds. If I let the level run down so the light comes on, it doesnt leak until I fill the reservoir up again, and then it drips. It drips running or not. The highest place I can see green coolant is at the rearmost lower bolt that secures the A/C Compressor mounting bracket to the engine. Not sure if there is a water jacket behind the bolt, I removed both rearmost bolts that hold that aluminum bracket to the block and sealed with RTV, the leak did not change frequency. I notice that the water pump is right above the A/C Comp. But to the best of my ability I cannot see any leak directly from the water pump.

Does anyone have direct experience with a water pump leak, and does it match the symptoms you had? It looks like a nasty chore to R&R the pump.

Your wise wisdom is needed again. Thanks in advance.
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