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Thanks very much for the advise. About ten minutes after I posted it in the forum I was able locate the bolts, 2 on either side. As Benzmac said, it almost fell on my feet. After that I removed the radiator. But let me tell ya folks, the Dailmer Benz engineer who designed the radiator mounting process on this car should be tortured before being killed. Sorry folks, I had to get this out of my system. Anyway, it is much easier to work on the belt tensioner after the radiator is removed. I am replacing the fan clutch bearing which is why I originally started on this project. Then I noticed the damper shock was shot and figured might as well replace the tensioner. Waiting for parts to arrive. I will post a detailed set of instructions on replacing the tensioner & fan clutch bearing for future DIYers. It wasn't as bad except for that screw behind the radiator that holds that transmission hose down to the base of the radiator. Again, Thanks Very Much for the help.
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