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Mobile Devac 1 5W40 in gasoline MB

Winter is approaching in cold Michigan.

I am thinking about using a oil that gas 40 weight (hot) but either 0 or 5 weight when cold. That leaves me with a few choices:

1. Mobile 1 0W40. It is available in the US now but it is almost impossible to find at a reasonable price.

2. Vavoline 5W40. Again not easy to find.

3. BMW 5W40. Heard conflicting info from the BMW list. Some dealers sell for $3.50/qt but others for over $5. It is said to be the same as the Vavoline 5W40.

4. The diesel rated Mobile Delvac 1 5W40. It is not difficult to find.

My question is: Is it OK to use Delvac 1 5W40 in a gasoline MB? Is it better than using Mobile 1 5W30?


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