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Larry, are you a computer geek? Probably one of those fastiduous UNIX admins what with the way you keep your car serviced.

No pistons came with the rebuild kits. All I got were two small boxes of rubber gaskets with no instructions whatsoever. I can't remember who made the gaskets, but it was not MB. It was a famous British firm - Leyland, perhaps? I will have to dig them out and look.

I have read repeatedly that you should never separate the two halves of a caliper. Probably some seals in there that you would never be able to replace correctly without the special tools to do so. Also, I doubt if anyone would ever reccommend it just for liability reasons alone. You could get a junk one from the salvage and split it just to see what the hubbub was all about.

I only have a vague idea of what is inside a brake caliper. I know that fluid pressure goes in, and the pistons push out onto the brake pads, but how the thing works, I have no idea.

How do the caliper pistons return to their bores? Why don't the pistons stay extended when you let off the brake pedal? Anyone willing to enlighten the brake newbie?

Thanks again,

93 400e 102k
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