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500E cold start racka racka's return


Dwight here again with the cold start racka racka's again.

Quick reminder,
Replaced Timing Chains
Replaced Tensioner
Replaced all rails
Replaced Oil Filter Housing Check Valve
(Bulletin AF05.20-P-1400EG/AF05.20-U-1400AG)
(Part No. 119.184.0130)
Rack - Racka still there !

Tried to replace Oil Pump check valve (pressure relief valve)
(Procedure 18-2150)
(part no. 119.180.0015)
part was 27MM dia. and hole is only 24mm dia.
so we cleaned up the original part and reinstalled.

Surprise, the noise went away.....for a while !

Two weeks later the noise reappeared on cold start up after the car had set for several days. Accordingly, I must conclude that the source of the problem, in my car at least, is the oil pump relief valve and I have therefore resumed my efforts to replace the oil pump check valve.

As I understand it,
The OEM oil pump was 119.180.0901
and called for check valve part no. 119.180.0015
the check valve was superseded to 119.180.0133
and then superseded back to the original 119.180.0015

The oil pump has been superseded to 119.180.1701
and yet still calls for the check valve no. 119.180.0015

Why does this part not fit?
Is it possible that 119.180.0015 only fits oil pumps 119.180.1701?

How can I tell which oil pump is in my car?
Does the casting number of the pump in my car,
119.186.0201 help in determining the oil pump number
in any way?

Any help would be appreciated.
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