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Unhappy Well, Cheap and Lazy Didn't Work

Unfortunately, once the rubber axle boots have deteriorated to the point that they won't hold oil, its only a short time before they will tear all the way open. So, I'll be doing axle shaft replacement for both sides now with new assemblies. While getting dirty I'll get the rubber sub-frame mounts replaced too since I notice more wear on the inner half of each rear tire than the outer side.

The final symptoms I got from the failing rear axle CV joint was a noise from that side (at low speed) that sounded similar to the noise you get with bad rear sway-bar links - a clunking. However, it wasn't correlated to bumps, it happened with every wheel revolution. Next, the failing rear axle CV joint actually had an impact on the vehicle's ride. I thought either the rear tire was flat or someone had loosened the lug bolts on me. It was like driving with a lumpy tire.

Apparently the CV joint was so unlubricated that it was sticking to the extent it was shaking the wheel hub a bit.

So, from the time you notice the gear oil on the garage floor from the leaking boot, you might have about one month to get prepared to replace the axles.

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