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I didn't mean to offend anyone with my "low tech" comment. The low tech I refer to is the construction of the engine itself, not valve configuration, supercharging or engine management. This low tech comment in engine construction is as compared to the V6 and V8. The V6's and 8's have cross bolted mains, open deck with sophisticated alloy liners, roller followers, two spark plugs per cylinder with offset timing to reduce piston rock, machined and cracked rod journals, and on and on and on....

This stuff aside, the kompressor engine, properly maintained will last a long time and there's nothing really wrong with it. If you were to compare it to most other engines in the world instead of it's newer sibling, it would come out great by comparison. It is very High tech as compared to most other engines in the world. Look at how many pushrod engines of sixties design are still in use in the US, such as the V6 Buick.

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