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300e intermittant seat recline

I have a 92 300ce that has a recline movement that only works when the drivers seat is moved forward. When it is moved back it just clicks and does not move either direction. When the seat is returned to a forward position it works again. I swapped a switch from another car before realizing that it would work when moved forward and it still worked the same so I believe it is a bad wire/ connection under the seat.
I have not done much with it but a starting point to chase a broken wire or bad connection. Does anyone have any advise on how the wire rail is unpluged so I can clean the contacts. I hate to break connectors as these did not want to come apart last night.
If cleaning the contacts does not solve the problem what steps do I take to chase this problem? Does anyone know what wires I should chase down to save me and the voltmeter some time? I do not want to take the seat apart any further than needed as I try to repair something i have never been into. A wiring diagram is not available to me at this time.

Thanks in advance
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