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Wierd power window/sunroof problem

My 1992 300E Sportline edition, has started to do a very quirky thing with the power windows and sunroof, when I started the car this morning the sunroof automatically retracted, and then would not respond to the switch when I tried to close it, additionally the windows seem to be tied into this problem. I'll start by saying that the passenger side front and drivers side rear seem to operate normally. When the drivers window button is depressed the window opens completely like the way a newer Merc would not the way this 1992 was intended to open and then after it's down it doesn't go back up. The passenger side rear window is also very quirky it will respond only if the all the other windows are down, and getting it back up is a trick. Oh! and the sunroof closes only when either the passenger rear or front window switch is depressed for the up direction. So I have to follow a very strict protocal in order to get the car closed up, it's a very frustating problem especially when the weathers foul. Can anybody help me find where this Gremlin lives?


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