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'91 190E 2.3 part id?

There are several sensors or other appendages screwed into what appears to be part of the intake manifold water jacket, right behind the thermostat housing. One of them, which has a plastic top with a couple vacuum line nipples sticking up, has one of those nipples broken off inside the rubber hose elbow that connected it to a vacuum line. The other end of that vacuum line runs over to the driver's side inner fender, where there is an in-line check valve, and then on to I don't know where. The unbroken nipple attaches, I believe, to another device's nipple next to it.

I'm guessing the broken device is a temperature sensitive vacuum line valve. Is this so, and what does it control? How would I specify the new part to order? I have temporarily cleaned the old nipple and glued it back on. Thanks for any help!

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